Rejuvenating Eye Definition Treatment

What is a Rejuvenating Eye Definition Treatment?

My Rejuvenating Eye Definition Treatment is a specialist, targeted treatment designed to enhance the appearance of the delicate skin around the eye area, whilst soothing and relaxing tired eyes.

What Happens During a Treatment?

The treatment begins with a refreshing eye cleanse before gentle exfoliation is carried out to soften fine lines, alleviate darkness and reduce fatigue. A warm towel helps to relax the eyes and open the pores to achieve a deep cleanse. An antioxidant-rich mask is then applied to brighten the eye area and help boost collagen. Cooling eye gems are placed over the eyes while you relax with a revitalising pressure point face and head massage.

Next, a reviving massage is carried out using soothing jade rollers to help lift, tone and firm the eye area, aid lymph drainage and clear the sinuses. Finally, the treatment is completed with an application of SKN-RG’s award-winning Eye Elixir to help lift, firm and reduce the signs of ageing. The product boasts powerful, clinically proven, anti-ageing Acai Stem Cells for visible youthfulness.

What are the Benefits of a Rejuvenating Eye Definition Treatment?

A Rejuvenating Eye Definition Treatment will help to:

  • Deep cleanse the skin around the eye area
  • Remove dead skin cells and help to soften fine lines
  • Boost circulation, resulting in increased oxygen and nutrient supply to the tissues
  • Improve and maintain skin and muscle tone
  • Enhance lymphatic drainage and removal of toxins
  • Reduce the appearance of dark shadows, puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles
  • Moisturise and nourish the skin
  • Improve the skin’s appearance
  • Soothe and refresh tired eyes
  • Promote feelings of deep relaxation
  • Calm the mind, body and spirit.


40 minutes – £42

Upgrade your rejuvenating eye definition treatment with one or more of the following mini add-on treatments - £12 each

Mini Facial

Mini Foot Ritual

Mini Reflexology

Head Massage

Face Massage

Foot Massage

Hand Massage

"Just had a lovely treatment in the beautiful, twinkly, calming treatment room. Highly recommend!! I feel calm and cared for. Heaven!"
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"Jessica makes you feel very welcome and relaxed. I left feeling amazing. can't wait for next month to come back and try something different."
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"Really enjoyed treatment. Have booked in for another one."
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