Beauty doesn’t stop at the jawline – it is top to toe. Many women are more than happy to invest in high quality anti-wrinkle creams to help fight premature ageing on their face, but often neglect their neck and décolletage. One of the most common questions I get asked by my facial clients is how can they prevent ageing on their neck and chest areas?

Why the Neck and Décolletage Need Special Care

Let’s start by understanding why these areas need special attention. The neck has fewer oil glands than the rest of the body and is subjected to all weather conditions, making it vulnerable to sun damage and premature ageing. It also works constantly to support the head; numerous movements cause the skin on the neck to be frequently stretched, often resulting in a lined, saggy look. The décolletage (shoulder and chest area) has more oil glands than the neck but the skin is thin and delicate. This area is often exposed to the sun, which over time can cause the skin to become lined, saggy, and leathery in appearance. The décolletage can be sensitive or over-oily, both of which need special care.

Treat Like the Face, Not the Body

To care for your neck and décolletage areas correctly, they should be treated as part of your face, not your body. The skin on the rest of the body is a lot thicker than these areas, and therefore body washes, scrubs and moisturisers can be too harsh or heavy for the neck and décolletage. Use your usual facial cleanser upwards on the neck, and down and outwards across the décolletage, and remove with damp cotton pads or a warm face cloth. Exfoliate once a week to remove dead skin cells and reveal healthy new ones, and to boost circulation to the area. Your face mask can be applied to these areas too; choose a hydrating one for a moisturising boost or a deep-cleansing one to help combat breakouts. Take your facial moisturiser down onto the neck and décolletage, and don’t forget to include the back of the neck, which is often neglected. Look for creams containing ingredients such as vitamins A and E, and rosehip as these can help to keep the skin firm. Every time you use hand cream during the day, massage the excess into these areas to top up moisture levels.

Extra Care

The neck and décolletage should be protected from the elements by wearing sun cream and protective clothing in hot weather and a scarf in cold, windy weather. For an extra boost, massage the area with age-defying oils before bed – look for blends that use avocado, wheatgerm or rosehip base oils, and frankincense, jasmine, rose or neroli essential oils. I can make you a bespoke blend if you aren’t sure how to do this yourself. Try a luxury salon treatment for added enhancement – a good facial should always include the neck and décolletage, while a rejuvenating face massage can help to naturally lift and firm the skin.


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