Part ebook, part digital planner, the Holistic Wellbeing Pack for Stress is a digital pack you can download and read on your phone, tablet or computer. It includes:
πŸ’œTips for dealing with stress
πŸ’œHow aromatherapy can help with stress
πŸ’œThe best essential oils for stress & how to use them
πŸ’œOil blend recipes
πŸ’œHow to create your own oil blends
πŸ’œReflexology points for stress
πŸ’œMini treatments & rituals you can do at home
πŸ’œPrintable to-do lists, journal pages, worksheets, planners and colouring in pages.

Using a variety of these tools and techniques daily will help you take control of your stress whilst giving your wellbeing a boost.

No more ignoring the need for self-care or saying you’re too busy to take a break! Now you’re going to be able to learn how to use essential oils, wellness rituals, journalling and much more to help you de-stress with EASE! The best part? It’s only Β£27!

Ready? Click here and it’s YOURS!

I will also be launching wellbeing packs for anxiety, menopause, sleep etc. very soon!